Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Amazon Alexi Grewal- get me a 3 day weekend"

With the news of Amazon purchasing Whole Foods and utilizing the brick and mortar platform to launch a new food delivery system and mind blowing data mining program, we decided to bug out of town off the radar for a few days and get back to our roots tucked high up on the Sierra crest. Last week I mentioned that I've never purchased anything from Amazon and some folks just about had a breakdown. I asked them if you could buy a day off or purchase more time with family. We jokingly decided our mini trip would be co-sponsored by Amazon considering folks buy just about everything from them. Enjoy your outside time with friends and family this summer, it's free on Amazon (for now).

 Olive relying on her vball legs traversing the Fallen Leaf Boogie

     double auntie ice cream run

         Mama Wuleur scrambling on a Scrambler in between some lake time.

            Nephew Wuleur Luke Grenier literally off the couch for a 75 mile boogie around the lake. Dude never gets out of the saddle! It must be nice being 17 and have the lung capacity of a Hungarian H20 Polo player.

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