Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Jake, have you ever ridden aluminum?"

I had the pleasure to pedal some of the finest heat treated aluminum ever made.This 56 x 56 Klein quantum was hand picked from the bathroom rafters by George Slough himself at the Race Street shop in San Jose. George had a 55 and let me take it home to Santa Cruz to pedal for a week to see if I would like the feel of a rocket ship with an SR aluminum fork.

                                             photo by papa Bill

Rob Parsons, Klein quantum, Puma tennies, Ten Speed Drive, KOME and I in Bloomington Indiana National Road Race Brown County State Park.

TCBY The Country's Best Yogurt ...

..And 18 year old bicycle racer - Matt Johnson. We visited Seattle recently and I popped into a fantastic bike shop on Bainbridge Island and asked if anyone has every heard of a guy named Matt Johnson or Tim Peddie. Both shop employees stopped in their tracks and asked who wanted to know. I explained that the last time I saw Matt was on the podium in Bloomington Indiana. They said that he was living on a boat somewhere on the island. Matt caught David Bly and I on the last lap of our suicide mission breakaway at the National Road Race Championships that hot day in August 25 years ago. He was an alternate for the 92' Olympics for the TTT. Anyone know what Matt is doing these days?

"Hey Tone, Fremont Peak?"

"Oh well ya... I guess that's something I might need to do"

Tone approaching the Gabilan Range on a silky sector east of Aromaha yesterday. We ran into a very kind (and fast) dude named Stacey on the crux of the climb and after feeling pretty proud for ourselves he gently reminded us that he was on number 2 of his 3 Fremont repeats. Dude was definitely a boss. I reminded him that Paul Willerton was the only other guy known to do that, so he's got that going for him.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

searching for Peter Johnson...

We've been trying to get a hold of Sir Peter Johnson, anyone have his contact? This is a retread of one of our winter boogies with him. I believe it went something like this - "if it looks like there is a guy crushing it on a 60 year old Cinelli in Alfredo Binda toe straps and a wool chamios, that's because there is a guy crushing it on a 60 year old Cinelli in Alfredo Binda toe straps and a wool chamios". 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

AC taking a break from braking...

AC shared his new whip with us which had more clearance than a sale rack at Mattress Discounters. Being a staunch anti disk guy, he reported the VO calipers worked flawlessly (using swiss-pads). Speaking of disk brakes, when did the cycling industry become so obsessed with deceleration? Personally, I've always struggled with acceleration, slowing down has always come naturally (unfortunately). I am disk curious.