Monday, December 26, 2016

Off to the Mts for some cross county (skiing)

We will try our best to find this truck trail that was part of the 1986 Tahoe Roubaix.

Footwear: Chuck Taylor's
Helmet: Del Tongo cap
Handlebars: Bullmoose
Bike: Nishiki
Fanny-pack: North Face  
Gloves: Euro Asia (all leather)
T shirt: Dusty Roads B. Basin Bike Tours
Shorts: Billabong clam diggers (Go Skate)
                                        Route: DJ Dart from Paco's Bike Shop Truckee, Ca
Sunglasses: I Ski
Food: nope
Map: nope 
Chamois: nope
Bonk: Yep
Broken Chain: Yep
 So basically, things have not changed much over the last 30 years...

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dear Lud and Bud McCrary,

I would like to thank you and your family for letting us pedal our bicycles around your beautiful property in the winter of 1991.You provided quite the arena for my friend AC to take home his first CX title. Moments after this photo was taken, he scampered off to UC Davis to pursue a degree in sampling Natural Ice Beer with a minor in Molecular Biology. After spending some time on your land, I thought he might go into forestry but he had his mind set on medicine. You would be proud of him and he still pedals that MB-2 to this day. Unfortunately, he lost that sweet Gore-Tex Giro helmet cover somewhere between Segundo, Sorrento and Steve Larson's shop. Thanks again and we appreciate how much you have given back to the people of our county as the leaders in sustainable timber harvesting. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

feed zone sans Natural Ice

Friday, December 23, 2016

holiday rant #1's all about the engine

...not the latest zoom zooms and wham whams that marketers have created for planned obsolescence that powers your bike. This time of year always challenges us to remember that notion. My favorite and most useful cycling parts and pieces are all decades old and continue to serve their purpose well. AC has always said he'll upgrade his 9 speed shifters when he gets dropped because of them (not going to happen). Looking at social media, a neophyte would think they need to be on a 10k dollar bike in 400 dollar shoes and rolling 2k dollar wheels to fit in which is totally bogus. It's great to see folks enjoying new shwag but a bummer if they're under the impression it will make their experience "better".

The automobile marketers are having an absolute field day this holiday season feeding at the trough of the adventure van seeking crowd. These 40k dollar vehicles are popping up like whack a moles around town and it's hard to believe folks have the disposable income to handle these purchases. Unfortunately, they probably financed them essentially adding to their monthly train which in Santa Cruz can lead to the nasty balancing act of straddling the razor edge of 'financial despair' and 'I think we're going to make it'.

On a positive note, don't feel obligated to fall into the trap, be brave and save your monies to leverage how you spend your life energy hours (not at work paying for the zoom zooms and wham whams). Enjoy your earned time off from work and remember to rent vans don't regret vans. We love you all and peace in the world.

frustrated about the holiday spending frenzy.. the Boardwalk has Whack a Mole

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

because you can't you won't and you don't stop...

As I enter into my mid 40's I often find myself whooped at the end of the day wondering what it's all about and then I come home to a teenager, her dog, mama Wuleur and some LP's blasting and quickly realize this is exactly what it's all about - this moment right here right now. Is this what gets me out of bed at O'Dark 30?..I think it has something to do with it. You can't you won't and you don't stop - until you decide to stop. Here's to finding joy in the minutia. Be brave. 

reluctant welcome committee 

                                         welcome committee after a casual hint of a treat

The one and only!

For the record: Sure Shot was blasting when I walked through the door...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Paging Mr. W...Mr. TW to the front please

Mr. Tyson - we have 5 months, 25 days and 4 hours prior to the Miwok pilgrimage. I'm officially enacting my plan: midnight roller-doping, dead-lifts at the desk and lots of sardine salads. What's your plan?

a bit of Fremont Peak inspiration to set the training mood

...Larry Hibbard is my hero

Friday, December 9, 2016

Two Six Market update...

Two Six Market getting a little help from Testorff Construction, what will it be?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

cousins are forever...

 that's our motto anyway...especially when they're fighting like siblings and all live within 2 miles.