Sunday, February 12, 2017

The hills are alive...and dead

Sir Caletti and company south bound hunting for dry passable tarmac in the Gabilan range.

  Better take your ruffy tuffy's next time you're pedaling in the SC mountains. This should be passable by Wednesday afternoon...with ski poles and hiking boots.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In The Garden & The Gym...

As a newcomer to the Monday through Friday gig, I've had to carve out a consistent workout routine at La Madrona's miniature gym before work and my journey has exposed me to some of the nicest folks on the planet (who happen to be up at the crack of dawn). It took me a couple of years of memorizing names, putting in the time and lying about my age (I'm almost 50 is kinda true) to get accepted into the salty dawn patrol club. My favorite DP club member is John who has been telling me about his son and his band for quite a while. Their video hit Vimeo today and I felt as though I was there when they filmed it because John had described the filming so well to me over the last year. He was the stunt driver and owner of the sweet VW bug.

'In The Garden' - The Painted Horses on Vimeo