Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steel WÜl Trivia - Totally 80's

Who is this dude and what race did he just win?

Answer:  Nate Reese at the Athens Criterium in Ohio which was part of the 1989 A to Z Classic.

Chris Skulley posted  the correct answer here:
!!!Athens Brick Criterium!!! Raced it 4 times as a Jr. I saw Lemond rock the bricks in his worlds jersey. Raced the bricks again at collegiate crit Nats.

 For the record: Papa Bill got his undergraduate degree in Zoology at OH!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7th Annual Chris Grenier Yosemite Birthday Boogie

For the record, that is the one and only 'Sir Silky' Mike Moore descending into the Merced River Canyon at 55+mph. I managed to stay with him for a whopping 10 seconds before he dropped me like a bad habit along with a few cars. I was convinced that his brakes fell off when he gaped me on turn 3. This is a guy who grew up descending Mt. Baldy with brother in tow.

Monday, May 28, 2012

IPO gone bad - massive FACEBOOK deactivation

Hi Jed,
You have deactivated your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging into Facebook using your old login email and password. You will be able to use the site like you used to.
The Facebook Team
Sign in to Facebook and start connecting
Sign In

To reactivate, follow the link below:

Mr. Wilson just earned himself a Steel WÜl jersey with this confirmation email. There might not be a massive FACEBOOK deactivation movement but the freaking  IPO went from a high of $45 per share to $31 in a matter of hours with 85 million shares sold in the first 32 seconds. It is obvious that the big hitters of the money world knew exactly what was going on when they all sold their shares only 55 mins after FB had its initial public offering with 458 million shares sold the first day.

I hear that GM has pulled out of FB as well. They finally realized that social networking was not the place to hock vehicles. I suppose I should mail a SW kit to Joel Ewanick (GM chief marketing officer) he looks like he pedals a bike - he has that carbon roadie with deep dish look to me - I can just sense it.

Joel Ewanick
Chief Marketing Officer - General Motors

For the record:
Anyone ever heard of a company called Yahoo? Lance used to have this logo on his kit. Anyway, Yahoo's IPO was worth 222 Billion Dollars, don't ask what Yahoo is worth today.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marvelous Jarvis found by Flanders

Peter Flanders just earned himself a custom Steel WÜl Hincapie jersey by connecting the dots on our back roads to find this antique gas pump. There is only one guy in our county (Taylor Tolleson) who has raced Liege Bastogne Liege and from what it sounds like Jarvis is worthy of an Ardennes finish.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steel WÜl You Find It - on an empty tank

To find this antique gas pump..........

go up this col

then up the Marvelous _______

The first person to email a pic of themselves in front of the pump will take a SW jersey.
Hint: if you came in from the top you either live up there or have a death wish, and if you come in from the south you better be a card carrying member of the Girl Scouts of America

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Ultimate a couple of years?

I do believe his ride included a spin in our backyard on 236. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So a map and an iPhone walk into a bar........

Today was just like any other day, I clicked the left turn blinker and looked over my shoulder just like I always do when I merge from the 41st on ramp into the number two lane of highway 1 south, but this time it was slightly different - instead of playing that little game of cat and mouse with all the folks who are trying to exit off to go to Carpo's Restaurant (I know that's where you people are going) I had to do a double take as 4 cyclists pulling trailers with panniers flew past me in the number two lane of Highway 1. The minute I saw these guys I claimed 1 of 3 scenarios: 1. Trying to make up time (not with 2 large blue tubs strapped to a trailer) 2. Possible transient cycle-tourists (nope, too clean) 3. These guys are probably using a freaking iPhone, BINGO!

I waited for them at the top of the riser before Park Ave and gently encouraged them to meet me on the frontage road. This groupeto of Canadians could not have been nicer and don't think that I didn't consider offering them the backyard as I have many times to cycle tourists. The last Canadian who camped out in our yard happen to beat me home before I could grease the skids with Mama WÜleur and that conversation evidently went something like this,  stinky Canadian cyclist, "Hi I'm Gabriel" Mama WÜuleur, "Ok...., hi Gabriel" stinky Canadian cyclist,  "He didn't tell you did he?" Mama WÜuleur, "No, he did not, but he's going to".

I did not offer the back yard as these folks were still trucking to Monterey on a Portland to San Luis Obispo trip. People who have traveled with me know that I love maps and happen to carry quite a few with me. I pulled out a couple of jems from my personal stash once they told me that their "smart phone" guided them to highway 1 south. They told me that they hit up multiple bike shops in the area who could not help them out with maps - that is a sad fact to our electronic world. It has got to be a generational thing, but when I was dialing them in on the map, they would take photos of it instead of writing down every turn. I decided to part with my Monterey Bay and Central Coast AAA maps once I realized that they were seriously handicapped by using a damn phone. The guys were overwhelmed with joy when they saw exactly what route they were going to take. You should be impressed as I paid good money for those maps, oh wait,....they are freaking free from the AAA with a nominal annual membership ($1.week). I will swing by the Capitola office tomorrow and pick up a dozen or so of the Monterey Bay maps for the next batch of folks.

For the record:
The super skinny one perked up a bit when I asked him if he had ever heard of a Canadian racer named Eric Wholberg. I polished my fingernails on my uniform shirt when I told him that I got dropped by him once (or twice). When I say dropped, I mean dropped! When I pedaled from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara for the first time in 1988, I was sans phone yet miraculously made it there, although I was armed with some fancy AAA county maps (free). One last thing, does anyone else feel obligated to apologize to foreigners for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I can make out the Monterey Bay on the map from here, but I can't see much on the iPhone in his hand

Friday, May 18, 2012

FACEBOOK IPO- supersedes Mike Myers parody

When I read about FACEBOOK's recent IPO this morning my mind immediately went to a Mike Myer's Dr. Evil voice and said, "Our FACEBOOK is worth $104 million dollars, no wait...$104 billion dollars or was that trillion dollars, it doesn't really matter Mr Bigglesworth, because there are 7 billion people on earth and 1.5 billion of them are currently using FACEBOOK / internet at least 2 hours and 6 mins per day according to studies, so we still have 5.5 billion people to strategically sell things to,  I mean "to connect appropriately" and 1.5 billion of those folks live in Africa...mmmmhaaahaaaaa, mmmmmmhaaaaahaaaaa, mmmmmhaaaaaaahaaaa".

Dr Evil is correct, there are 1.5 billion FACEBOOK accounts worth 104 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg is simply counting on advertising revenue to actually make money. The only way to do this is to sell your personal information to third party advertisers. Why don't more folks feel as though this is the least bit spooky and why is it that when ever someone finds out that I have never been on FACEBOOK they always exclaim, "you are so lucky, don't ever start!". This statement sounds like someone who is warning you of the inherent addictions of nicotine, caffeine, or methamphetamine. Next time you purchase something and you have no idea why you did, go home and cross reference it with the targeted advertising on your FB account and you might just find out why you bought the health insurance for your dog. If you get a chance check out the Huffington Post article day lighting some of the ways FACEBOOK snags your phone numbers and addresses. Two congressmen (D & R) are currently trying to stop a FACEBOOK practice of selling teenager information to third parties.

The irony of this thing called FACEBOOK is that there is absolutely nothing tangible to trade or sell. The de facto achilles heel to this virtual company is the fact that 1.5 billion people could simply unplug at anytime anywhere rendering it nonexistent. As thousands of employees at FACEBOOK become multi millionaires overnight, I pledge to start sending folks in the SW community more nuggets via the US Postal Service.

The first person to officially close a FACEBOOK account (email proof of closure) will receive a Hincapie Steel WÜl jersey. Naturally, this person will have more time to pedal or pedal safer as they will not be looking down at their phone as often.

Zuckerberg would look good in grey.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rob Parsons - Bicycling Hall of Fame class of 2012

Santa Cruz county cycling legend Rob Parsons will be inducted into the Bicycling Hall of Fame. Rob will be in great company, check out the names below. I believe he still holds the record for consecutive wins of Tour of Nevada City Classic with 5. Rob was so far ahead of his time with his interval work and the mind body connection before it was in vogue. Mama WÜleur and I plan on going to the event this November in Davis. See official news release below for tickets. Congratulations Rob and family!


For Immediate Release
May 14, 2012

: Sports, Assignment, Feature and News Briefs Editors, Cycling Press
For Further Information Contact:
Joe Herget; Executive Director, US Bicycling Hall of Fame (540) 903-3613,
PDF version of this announcement:   2012 Inductee Announcement
DAVIS, CA – Four legendary members of the cycling world will be inducted on November 3rd, 2012 into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

The four honorees represent several disciplines of the sport of cycling and span a 50-year horizon. The inductees are Erin Hartwell (Modern Road & Track Competitor),Susan DeMattei (Off-Road Competitor), Rob Parsons (Veteran Road & Track Competitor), and Tom Ritchey (Contributor to the Sport).  With the Class of 2012, there are now a total of 136 Inductees in the Hall of Fame.

Rob in Wheelsmith kit 2011

Rob and Jake at the National Road Race 1992

Rob in Pasadena kit circa 1960's

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour of Californina - occupational hazard

Steel WÜleur Mark Boolootian captured a little wheel kissing as the groupeto started to lose focus on the first pull of the day. My vision gets down into the "sketchy" level when I open it up on Bonny Doon and it takes me twice as long as these folks.

Not feeling like pedaling? Look for inspiration...

Even though we are a one care family, I have been finding myself driving to East Cliff Video instead of pedaling and I seem be using the same lame ass excuses:

  • both of my legs are tired
  • I don't want to change my shoes 
  • my helmet is damp
  • it takes too long
  • it's a hassle 
  • my ankle is soar
  • my hip is bugging me 
Evidently I need to find some better excuses or just hop on and pedal like this brave women.

Steel WÜl Trivia - Gatorade Daihatsu

Name the Santa Cruz county cyclist who is in the wool cap. Larson, Willerton and Sheehan are looking tough.

Answer: Mark Howland the humble hero. Morgan Fletcher posted the correct answer.

For the record: Mark was selected to race with these folks after they had a couple teammates crash. This is at the Washington Trust Classic in Spokane. We confirmed that the unidentified rider in the middle is not Ducky from Sixteen Candles.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Testing the waters

The second generation of Steel WÜleurs have officially entered onto the scene. Here is a shot of Luke Grenier opening up a gap on Chris Grenier in the Merced River Canyon. As a h2o polo player, Luke spent more time in the Merced than out.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bicycle Therapy

Grandma WÜleur felt it was time to pump up the tires and pedal the hood as part of her rehab therapy. What is it that makes us all feel like a kid again while pedaling a bike? The look on her face was priceless as she gracefully pedaled back and forth on her col-de-sac. I'm thinking a couple of baskets for her daily groceries is a must.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


BEASTIE Boys - Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steel WÜl You Find It - John Wayne Gulch

The first person to email a photo of themselves in front of this scene will take home a SW sticker package!

Danny Perry found this little gem while out on his Monday spin.

Steel WÜl Trivia - BMX

Name the Santa Cruz county cyclist who has a national BMX title.

Answer: Peter Flanders is correct with -Fast Freddy Markham - 1976 Olympian and multiple world record holder