Monday, July 18, 2011

Steel Wüleur Ride Quotes

"We'll drop dufas on 129!" Daryl Price

"Did Leopard Trek steal your SW kit design?" Ben Jacques-Maynes

"I overhauled my bike last night at midnight" BC

“This ride is over” The Gren

“I think this one goes through” Jake Hess

“Dave- you are only hurting your friends” Doug E. Fresh

"I rode to Yosemite the first year without breakfast"

"I just let the bike decide the route" Fitz

"I brought some duct tape and a bottle of Ether" AC

“This train is leaving” Apple

“That was Bru-tal with Cheese!” Mike Moore

“I let my legs do the talking, but no one can hear me from the back” Eric Richter

"There ain't nothing Giant about that bike" Gren referring to AC's Giant TCR frame

"seamless" Mike Moore

“You have never been closer to the end of this ride as you are right now” The Gren

"Yea,....... I don't think this is that kind of ride dude" Kev McGill

“I have to keep rolling” The Gren

“I think I did this ride when I was 14” Jake Hess

Supless group!” Apple

“Oh my god, this is amazing!!!” Cory Caletti

“It wasn’t that bad, was it” Dave Reid

Yippe Ki Yea" The Gren

“I could always push him if he gets any worse” Dave Reid

“I’m just going to do a little interval,… oh yea- where did I leave that gap?” Dave Reid

“Best boogie ever, yea!” Doug E. Fresh

“That was the coolest thing I have ever seen” Brent Marks

"sickest helmet on planet earth" Doug E. Fresh

"Jake, does this ride finish with cookies also?" Jay Dichary

“I was so shot out that I was weaving a rug in the road” Brent Marks

“What the F___ did you do to Gren, he is pedaling octagons back there" Brent Marks

"I was so chipped on that ride I had to pedal with my ass cheeks" Jake Hess