Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tom Cuthbertson

Jim Langley photo

I could not post a trivia question about Cory Cuthbertson without featuring / honoring his father - the late great Tom Cuthbertson. Tom and Danny Nall were the fathers of California Cyclocross and of course Tom authored 'Anybodies bike book'. I only pedaled with Tom a few times, however I do have a story to share about him that reminds us how passionate about cycling he was and how humble and encouraging he was towards other humans.

During the 1991 Pope Valley Road Race I found myself in a suicide break with Steve Mieleke and a few other folks and Cory was in the main field chasing. As our break diminished to just three riders, Tom came out of nowhere in his van and started yelling, "go Santa Cruz, go Santa Cruz!" He did not know my name but he recognized me from my bike and kit as a Santa Cruz kid. He was offering me food and water as if I was his own son. The riders in the break started asking, "who here is from Santa Cruz?". I was at that dreaded point where I would have been happy to settle for 3rd or 4th to just have the suffering stop. As we approached the final climb to the finish, the break was starting to implode and sure enough there is Tom now on foot running next to me yelling, "go Santa Cruz, go Santa Cruz, you got this". Had Tom not been there yelling for me and encouraging me with that huge grin, I would never have hung in there to contest the win. For the record, I did take the win and Cory and Tom were so stoked for me. It was a cool feeling to win, but I will always remember that amazing moment of pure camaraderie and love the Cuthbertson's showed for me. It was as if one of them won the race. I learned a lot that day and it had nothing to do with cycling.

Thanks Cory and Tom

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  1. What a great Tom story. Yes, we miss him, but it seems that on almost every ride we do these days, there is a nod to Tom in some way or another.