Monday, June 13, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia

Question: Who was the first person to accidentally shoot Greg LeMond?

Answer: Bernard Hinault

Congrats to Steel Wüluer Kev McGil for sending in the correct answer.

Bonus Trivia:
When LeMond signed on to Renault in 1980 (pre-La Vie Clarie) the Director (Cyrille Guimard) and Hinault wanted to see LeMond in his own environment so they flew out to Reno, NV to check him out. The three of them went quail hunting adjacent to the LeMond's property and when Hinault heard some rustling in the bushes, he began to shoot like a madman and one of the stray bullets ricocheted off a tree and hit LeMond just below the eye. This is not to be confused with the turkey hunting accident that happened in 1987 where LeMond was accidentally shot in the back with a 12 gauge shot gun by his brother-in-law and was airlifted to UC Davis after an air ambulance happened to hear some emergency radio traffic regarding a gun shot wound coming from some hunters.

Super Bonus Trivia:
When my wife Jess (Art History Major) saw the La Vie Claire jersey for the first time she said, "oh my god, that looks just like a Mondrian painting!" and Kev McGill said, "that's because it is!"

Peit Mondrian painting

Team La Vie Claire Kit designed by the Italian company Benetton (first synthetic kit in peleton)