Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia for 300 Please!

What Santa Cruz native shared the podium with Bobby Julich at a National Cyclocross Championship?

Answer: Cory Cuthbertson

Peter Flanders posted the first correct answer.

At the 1990 Cross Nationals in Washington state, Cory had to bump up 1 age group that year and raced with the 17 /18's (Julich group). He had the race of his life and when it was all said and done he climbed his way on the podium with Julich. Tom Cuthbertson had to slowly thaw out Cory's hands and toes. He was on a fillet brazed Bontrager with toe clips & straps, non-aero levers, and friction shifters.

A custom SW ride pocket goes to the first correct answer!


  1. Cory still rides that bike whenever he is in town, and I don't think he has changed a thing on it since then.

    - Andrew