Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You ever feel like you're floating...

                                                                          photo by Stevil

Greg LeMond said he was "floating" in the 83' Worlds and knew he was going to win after his first few pedal strokes that morning....I only had that feeling once on a brisk Aptos morning boogie while pedaling with Stevil along the questionable back-roads locally referred to as Battalion 4. 

For the record: that was the last ride for my 100% wool Kucharik LS, it disintegrated like a dandelion in the stiff north wind on the way home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Green Water Garden - saving h20 & creating jobs

Local cyclist James Borgman is a problem solver and has created an amazing water saving and job creating program here in Santa Cruz county. Please see link below with an opportunity to help James and his team get their project up and running. Don't miss the window to give back to the community and environment, we have until November 14th to donate to this certified non profit! We at SW are honored to be the first folks to donate.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hi Monday,...tell the conductor we're running late

Our Pacines -New Idria - Pacines Boogie was a go until 0500 Monday when I double checked the expected ambient air temperature from our connection south of the Frucceta Ranch and realized that not even a frozen bottle of coca cola a la Jobst would do the trick. That is when we made the quick decision to head north with a couple of head lamps, 10 bucks, hairy legs, and a hankering to explore Purisima Creek. Thank god for Caltrain and a nephew who goes to Bellarmine because we were starting to crack.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

H PLUS SON...Box Section Please

Production from H Plus Son on Vimeo.

We came across a couple of cyclists while on a family backpacking trip on the back 40 of Big Basin and one of the bikes caught my eye...actually one of the wheel-sets caught my eye because they reminded me of my first pair of box section MA2's. After scrambling to remember the name, I finally found the company and a small video (James Cameron style) demonstrating the building process. I'm eying the 23mm TB14's in high polish! Enjoy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do you Giro?

 They're more than a company...they're a verb!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Steel WÜleur Eric Horton's California Caletti

        It doesn't get much better than this folks. Do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation of picking this thing up prior to the road tilting upward, you might get a little discouraged and or  ferrous feather envy.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

WÜleurs who can't ride, often dream of riding...

I can almost make out the words of the green street sign as the rising sun wiggles its way through the early morning coastal fog.  I usually don’t get up this early, but this all day ride has been on my mind for months and I had to experience it again.  As I approach the old fire house and the first small decent of the day, I feel like reaching down and slowly dragging my hand over the familiar smooth roads like a surfer would feel the silky moving water of a wave.

When I was a kid, I embraced the endless stretch of time between school years. That feeling of drifting is one that I look back upon with fervor that borders on a jealousy of my former self. I can’t remember particulars, only that feeling of freedom from a life unencumbered, and drifting free. And while growing up has eliminated those epic spans of time, the drift can still be felt off the tarmac. I climb to crest the summit, and see the gravel bed lying down before me. I surge to pump speed into the backside of the summit grade. I lift my hips up and behind the seat, drop the heels, and personify a mountain lion about to pounce. As I accelerate downhill my speed indicator is simply the wind whipping along my ruffling jersey. The drive train whirs. Each tic of the freewheel is a stressball rolling off my shoulders. I dive into a massive sweeping gravel left. The bike leans over. While down below the tires claw for traction, up top I’m relaxed, I’m drifting. And as I hit the apex of the turn and begin to carve, the g-forces push the corners of my mouth upward. The wind. The drift. The smile. The endless sense of time between this corner and the next.  I’m young again.

I cherish the moment knowing the road has gifted me this day. My life long kinship with the open road has been unwavering and feels like a warm blanket as I drift in and out of its familiar spaces. As I pedal along leaving a virtual trail of worries in the dust, I make subtle adjustments to my position unseen to the naked eye which will prove to be crucial over the next 6 hours. As I scan the horizon I can see my prominent and permanent friend off in the distance waiting for my arrival. My mind settles on the notion that every valley, every pebble, every inch of pavement, have defiantly conspired to deliver me to the top of the mountain.

Friday, July 25, 2014

SWer Dain Zaffke's Santa Cruz Black Cat...MEOW!

            Check out the latest whip from south sider Todd Ingermanson at Black Cat Bicycles.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jet Set WÜleurs living right...& I'm taking notes

I have been thinking quite a bit lately (since 0800 on May 8th) about my vocation and what it all means as I continue to log an endless amount of hours this summer working for the California bear. Sometimes the act of  trading life energy hours for money is hard to swallow, however recently I have had the unique opportunity to work along side some of the most professional, ethical, and hardworking blue collar folks I have ever met and that makes it all worth it...almost.

Speaking of hard working folks who have paid their dues (and then some)...
So let me get this straight, all I have to do is continue to work hard all my life, take impeccable care of my family, provide a top notch professional service, maintain ethical purity, keep my body in excellent condition, create a sense of community, and Mama WÜleur and I can be pedal pushing grandparents who explore random villages in the Czech Republic and the Island of Mallorca and look like this- sign us up!

                              Brand & Linda Wiles enjoying Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

blue collar boogie bike SW style...

                                          ... for more pics of this Caletti go to Cycle EXIF

Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's roll cuz...

                                                          photo by Grandma WÜleur

Freedom: being able to pedal your Caletti with your older cousin around town.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Chasing granite...

                    16 hours of pushing circles and a solid NW wind will get you to 'The Captain"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A butterfly floats on the breaze...

                                                              photo by Luke Grenier
                           ...of a sun lit day, uncle and Mia feel their worries gently fade away
                          Rest Day rule #1 - no bikes, no books, no babyruths (in the pool)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi Thursday, it's me again...

If you keep the sun up until 3, we'll promise to say hello to Miss Henrietta. 


For the record: Todd helped me break 4 hours to the top, unfortunately this is an out and back boogie and the wind was on our 12 o'clock for the second 4 hours...

Ball Mauler 3 -only 10 miles from home but...

Ball Mauler is at it again, below are all the details..
Saturday April 19, 2014 for the third running of The Ball Mauler. The route covers around 71 miles with about 11,000 feet of climbing. Meet at Kelly’s French Bakery in Santa Cruz. We roll out at 8:00.
Below is the approximate route with mileage and elevation gain, so you can plan how much of the ride you want to do:
1) Kelly’s Bakery up Western up Empire Grade to the top of Jamison Rd: 17.5 miles/2,900ft
2) Down Jamison to Hwy 236 and back up 6mis (then ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Alba 4mis): 10 miles/1,600ft
3) Down Alba Rd to Hwy 9 and back up 7.4mis (ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Pine Flat Rd 1.9mis): 8.3 miles/2,200ft
4) Down Pine Flat & Bonny Doon to Hwy 1 and back up 14.8mis (ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Felton Empire 1.8mis): 16.6 miles/2,100ft
5) Down Felton Empire to Hwy 9 and back up 7.2mis (ride Empire Grade Rd to Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery 9.8mis): 17 miles/1,600ft
5 climbs
71 miles
11,000 feet of climbing

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And for my next trick I will...

..fillet braze an adirondack chair for DZ and rid you all of spandex
Todd holding court Black Cat style in the SC Mts

patiently waiting for the 1:15 Gazos line

Thanks to Giro a small group of  unassuming pedal pushers wiggled their way safely through the back roads of the Santa Cruz Mountains without issue. We came to the conclusion that the belt loops, zippered flies, and handsome wool had a lot to do with it...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dad, can I get a cookie & some m&m's...yep

We got out of dodge for a week on a 200 mile family cycle touring trip of the central coast and quickly discovered the benefits of packing my trusty Grundig short wave radio. We successfully wiggled our way out of a couple storms thanks to some familiar faces who happened to be on night watch at the local fire house. Olive scratched out this rendering of our trip while we waited for some french fries in San Simeon. We already have our next trip planned! Stay tuned for photos and ride report...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Steel WÜl Trivia- Santa Barbara greyhound

Question: Who is this sinewy sultan of suffer-snot 

Hint: He and Eric Cech used to put the hurt on all the dopers in February and March when they would come out swinging for the fence at the first big races of the season.