Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Steel Wüleur Profile # 4 - Dicharry

Full Name - Jay Malcolm Dicharry
DOB- 5-25-75
Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 156
Occupation - Biomechanical assessment of cyclists and runners at UVA PT, MS
- www.uvaendurosport.com
Bike - Gunner sport long reach (Jack Browns!)
Strengths - I am not awful at anything
Other Interests - mt. biking, skiing, surfing, and trying to ride a unicycle

SWCC - As an East Coast Hardman what is your perception of California cyclists and is it true that you could tell that Potter was an East Coast guy just from seeing him pedal?

Jay - (laughing) West Coasters are pretty and East Coasters are scruffy. Yes to Potter, some people ride the bike and Potter man-handles his machine.

SWCC - How many Steel Wül Cobble Classics have you done and what was your favorite route?

Jay - 3 cobbles to date and by far and above the 14 miles of blissful dirt decent of the 2010 addition!

SWCC - There are rumors that your were an All-American swimmer at LSU any truth to that?

Jay - Yes,..I am an American and I was a swimmer.

SWCC - I understand that a former USPS racer almost overdosed on your mother's jumbalya in New Orleans is that true and is the recipe available to the public or is it under lock and key?

Jay - It is true and he was trying to add training weight and the recipe is available to the inner-sanctum with SW membership cards.

SWCC - Do you have plans to ever do another Ironman? What was your bike split?

Jay - No! and 5:02

SWCC - What is our roll with the Steel Wül Cycle Club?

Jay - I am the story teller.

SWCC - What is your greatest accomplishment?

Jay - Top 10 at Giro d' Ville - the greatest underground race ever told that no one knows about. Viva

SWCC - Greatest inspiration on two wheels?

Jay - Paul Bushi - who measures his wattage on how far his drool drains from his mouth.

SWCC - What is your favorite cycling quote?

Jay - Easy,.. Boonen at Roubaix - "At first I thought all the other riders had flat fires and then I realized I was that much stronger".

SWCC - Describe a perfect day for Jay Dicharry in Santa Cruz County.

Jay - Oh man,....ah... ok a perfect day,.....thats easy - wake up in the fog run down to Capitola on a low tide to the Cement Ship run back for a burrito at Chil-Out then grab my mt bike and some cookies from Dharmas ride to Buzzards do two loops of Demo descend back to town and surf 38th until dinner followed by Michoacan and a bon-fire on the beach. Thats living the dream man!

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