Monday, January 2, 2017

Wuleur cross training..."Olive, wait up for us?"

We're back after a few days of cross country skiing, chopping wood and hiking at 7500' and quickly realized that Olive was using it as cross training for volleyball. We chatted about the obligatory new year's resolution tradition, what colleges Olive is interested in and why Kerr won't start McGee. In the 80's the US Nordic Ski Team's motto was - Train the Brain for Pain. After a full day of skate skiing, I can appreciate how they got that mantra. In the new year, we will continue to focus on and enjoy the small things in life. For example, Sunday family dinners, sneaking in workouts and visiting coffee shops during Olive's tournaments, tracking the monarchs on our milkweed bushes, Warrior games at Papa Bill's, saving for travel, enjoying Olive's late night baking, Honey dog walks, La Madrona hot tub dips, neighborhood garbage pick-up, graffiti removal, evening cliff cruise's and pedaling bicycles (to Yosemite).

Mama Wuleur

 Olive's late night baking - lemon poppy-seed

For the record: that loaf of yummy fits perfectly into my 1990 Kucharik wool jersey

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