Monday, December 26, 2016

Off to the Mts for some cross county (skiing)

We will try our best to find this truck trail that was part of the 1986 Tahoe Roubaix.

Footwear: Chuck Taylor's
Helmet: Del Tongo cap
Handlebars: Bullmoose
Bike: Nishiki
Fanny-pack: North Face  
Gloves: Euro Asia (all leather)
T shirt: Dusty Roads B. Basin Bike Tours
Shorts: Billabong clam diggers (Go Skate)
                                        Route: DJ Dart from Paco's Bike Shop Truckee, Ca
Sunglasses: I Ski
Food: nope
Map: nope 
Chamois: nope
Bonk: Yep
Broken Chain: Yep
 So basically, things have not changed much over the last 30 years...

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