Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The good boy bad boy list...

 The Sears company has reached out to me with a gentle reminder that I've been in the meat grinder at work for the last 19 months and evidently unable to get away to make a single purchase. I appreciate their concern for my financial well being, but I will keep funding Olive's college fund and continuing to pay off the note on Steel Wul headquarters. As for my whopping Sears credit line of $3,612, it will be dropped to what ever the Sears police feel is necessary for this 22 year cardholder with a zero balance unless they have stocked their shelves at the Capitola store with plenty of these.

For the record:
Back in the day California Division of Forestry used to purchase our khaki work shirts from Sears

                                Aromas E5111 crew 1995 Corpuz, Hess, Shores, Mattesson

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