Sunday, August 28, 2016

From Grandma's cupboard...

 I was rummaging through Grandma's cupboard and found a box full of  25+ year old cycling photos. 

 1992 National Road Race Bloomington, Indiana
Simone Giacino, Justin Morgan, Jake & Chris Bauman 

1991 Pinecrest Road Race
Chris McGovern, Justin Morgan, Jake, AJ Kennedy, the twins, Adam Speigh, & Todd Huchings

1993 Dole Citrus Classic Visalia Road Road
Jake, ? & Sean Bragstad

April 7, 1991 Coastal Sportive 
Eric Wilhelm, Jake, Detlif

1992 National Road Race Boomington Indiana
Heath Sandal, Jake, Matt Johnson, David Bly, & Ryan ?

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