Sunday, December 1, 2013

SW Trivia: 221 starters, 21 finishers, & 1 jersey

Question: Who is the aerobasaurus rex shouldering the Klein?

Answer: Pat Heaney

Pat was the 1998 US National RR Champion (chipped Danny Pate at the line) with only 21 finishers that year. Pat exemplifies toughness. The last time I pedaled with Pat we went up Hwy 9 out of Los Gatos and he never got out of his big ring (53). When folks complement him on his fitness, this humble warrior often says, "Yea.. but Shane Kleopfer has more talent in his pinkey than I have in my whole body". There might be a smidgen of truth in that statement as Shane was born with an unusual ability to suffer, however, Pat earned one of those special patriotic jerseys the old fashion way - by digging so deep that your fellow racers fall into the hole you dug...and never get out. 


  1. Pat Heaney. I'm used to looking at his back wheel and calves that's why I didn't recognize him at first.

  2. Danny Sullivan - now that deserves a post, talk about a humble and tough rider. The beast from Ohio with a degree in Russian Literature?