Friday, December 13, 2013

Giro 'New Road' ride report...

I have been pedaling exclusively in the New Road kit for three months now and after countless miles on numerous SW Boogies ranging from 1 hr to all day in the saddle, I have found this kit to be limitless. The obvious benefit to this ensembles is that you don't look or feel like you just signed your life away on a USCF waiver. I found that there is a subtle shift that happens similar to caring a mussete bag full of food and gear which compliments our open-road adventure style of riding. The SS merino crew is cut perfectly as the pockets on this wool jersey don't sag (picked up my second one at the Spokesman). There is a time and place for plastic kits, but let me tell you it is so sweet finishing a long ride not feeling like a salt-lick. I even popped out on the Saturday world championship ride and confirmed that we are only limited by our engines (thank you BJM for towing me up and over the Del).

The paired shorts (never to be compared to mt baggies) are ingenious, not only are they super comfy but when we stumble across the occasional mountain folk out on questionable back-roads, I somehow have become more approachable or accepted. The natural assumption here is that I am sporting a pair of recognizable shorts with a zippered fly to boot. The muted colors and toned down flair have been on my radar for years and now I have multiple options in wool. If it ever freakin rains again in California I vow to pedal all day in the Giro rain jacket I have acquired. 

I got out Thursday for a solo boogie on the north coast and snapped a few pics along the way. Being a Santa Cruz local, sometimes you end up pedaling past lots of friends and family on your way out of town. The paradigm shift with the New Road kit is that you feel way more open to enjoy whatever the road or community presents to you. 

For the record:
I have been wanting to play beach volley in December for decades and being an eastsider, the only time I'm ever on the west side is when I'm in a plastic kit (not any more).

merino crew? yes please

finishing the spinach smoothie

I have been eyeing this rig for years

it's just like riding a bike

Jeff T. with the latest Charlie Hunter rig

ran into mama wuleur after yoga

 grade school buddy happened to skate by

ran into Mavericks surfing phenom Jamilah Starr and son

fresh (poisonous) dungeness crab 


  1. Great review. You should totally buy that truck! It looks like it only needs a half a ton of work. K

  2. Jake - I have been riding in the New Road kit too. I love it, those guys did a great job! I kit up going to work and people often think they need a world tour kit to ride in. When I am in the New Road kit, the cloths look "normal" and it looks like something my co-workers could wear. Maybe we should have the next Steel Wul team kits be New Road with some subtle Steel Wul branding.

    By the way USCF is now called USA Cycling!