Friday, December 20, 2013

Caletti Gravel Boogie Bike...

It all started with a phone call-  ring...ring...Hello, Hey John it's Jake, I have an idea I want to bounce off of you regarding a super bike that I have been daydreaming about ever since George Herbert Walker was in office. Alright, you got my attention, talk to me. Ok...remember Tinker's General that had that unicrown straight blade fork? I think. Picture that bike with 700c wheels combined with Eddy Planckaert's ADR issued SLX Merckx with enough silver bling to rival the Campagnolo Chorus advertisement from 88'. We can do that...

Working with John is super easy especially when your current bike happens to be built by him and fits and feels perfect. I know my limitations in the building process so all I did was describe the items that I absolutely had to have (straight stays, down-tube shifter mounts, Paul Racers, and tons of clearance) and left the rest of the decisions to the expert. This blue collar boogie rig will have a rear campy bar end shifter, front down-tube shifter, no disc, and no battery of coarse. How many times do you shift your front derailer on a 6 hour adventure boogie (less than 12)? Below is the original spec sheet that Olive sent over after an evening of frame designing in the SW lounge. 

Olive's original design with plenty of clearance Clarence

beefamatic chain-stays

inspector Kaboo checking tac welds

Mr. Jack Brown dwarfed by clearance

sexy stays like these usually have an MB-1 sticker on them

old meets new meets old again

Tinker's General

Planckearts's ADR Merckx

silver as far as the eye can see...

For the record: I just finished an amazing 5 hr SW Boogie with two new roads with tons of gravel and I shifted my front derailer 6 times...

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