Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sir Silky's boogie report of Gibraltar

Hi Jaker,

While you were away, I had the opportunity to support a tandem dealer of ours with a demo weekend in Ventura. Having scouted this area previously, I had my minds-eye focused squarely on an ascent of Gibraltar. I first heard about this climb back in '92 while swapping routes/rides with the collegiate team from UCSB. I allocated just enough time Friday to get this guy done. I sniffed around online and discovered a winding, hilly approach through the foothills; tons of twists, turns, up and downs. I think I racked up 2k in 'ele prior to hitting the foot of the beast! I hunkered down, found the comfortable cookie and spun for well over an hour. I shot a photo of my Garmin; it took me 2.5 hours to cover 24 miles! Indeed, turns out those 2.5 hours were about 6k in vert gain. Sweet satisfaction. I shot some snaps with the "right tool for the job" at the summit, spun around, and slid downhill. The views East were particularly stunning.

Looking forward to pedaling with you soon.

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