Saturday, June 15, 2013

Geospatial Data Visualization or I spy for the FBI

The Edward Snowden issue was absolutely perfect for Google to slide off the radar screen. Ever seen the Google car with all the hardware strapped to the roof? Well, their little stunt they pulled with Keyhole Inc (now owned by Google) cost them 7 Million in settlements. They realized that those little cameras were able to capture endless amounts of Wi-Fi information from all of us. To celebrate all the spying that is going on we busted out our 1986 Untouchables Dance Party LP - side 2, song 2...enjoy.

For the record: I never saw the Untouchables at the Catalyst in June of 89' but I did stop and listen to them from Pacific Avenue with AC & Kev McGill on our grey and white Bridgestone MB-1's with Ritchey vector force tires, Nitto seat posts, and coski forks.

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  1. I enjoy the Untouchables AND I am friends with the Kevin (2 dogs) McGill. This is a small bike planet.