Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ode to old school ,oh yea... & Joy

I know it's rare these days but every once and awhile we get to witness a person display their skill set or pass down a trick-to-the-trade with only a pencil and paper. Corporations prefer to have everything digital forcing you to maneuver through the advertisements ultimately wearing you down (the numbers don't lie). Olive's piano teacher Marylin had to rely on her mind (no electronics) and sketched out 'Ode to Joy' during her lesson because we somehow misplaced the official lesson book. I wasn't paying much attention to the lesson until I recognized the tune she was slowly playing as she dictated it one note at a time. I know there are lots of amazing teachers of different subjects out in the world who probably have never been thanked or appreciated for their service. To those folks, I want to thank you for passing on the knowledge. 

Marylin's fine work...

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