Sunday, February 24, 2013

Copperopolis RR - a trip down memory lane..

I only raced Copperopolis 3 or 4 times back in the early 90's but each race always left an impression on me.

Here are a few memories I just can't shake: 

  • The hellacious wind coming off the reservoir right on your nose
  • Kevin Livingston dropping the remnants of the field off at the top of the climb like he was a school bus driver
  • Chad Gerlach verbally eviscerating his dad in the feed zone. "don't tell me how to race, Dude!"
  • Counting all 9 souls left in the break when it was the district road race championships
  • LGBRC guy climbing back up to the road with a stick poking out of his helmet & collarbone out of this kit
  • Racing my own "teammates" when it was part of the Gold Nugget Stage Race - 1992
  • Poaching water bottles in the feed zone from some guys very patient girlfriend
  • After turning senior, forgetting that we had to do 5 laps
  • Camping out in a baseball dugout the night before with Hunter Allen, Eric Rekkas, and Kev McGillicuddy
  • Watching Kevin Livingston try to kick in the side of his Saturn vehicle claiming they were dent resistant
  • Hanging on to Trent Klasna and Jimmy Robinson as if my life depended on it

It is a coarse of beauty!

Got any memories of this California Classic?


  1. Ah yes. I remember that race well. I got about an hour of sleep and was shelled the next day because of it. I do have fond memories of riding the coarse the day before with Rob Parsons. That was a treat because Rob would give pointers as we (by we I mean he) motored along. He Described the climbs and the course in such a way that it really stuck with me on race day and continues to today. K

  2. In 86 it was part of a stage race than only John Mckinley and I showed up for the 14-15 race. That sucked.

    1. The great Rev. John McKinley! He had a hellacious sprint.