Sunday, September 16, 2012

Steel WÜl Trivia - diesel engine vs lung on a stick...

photo by Jake Hess

I found this little gem at Grandma WÜleurs house the other day and I remember that ride like it was yesterday. That blue Serrota Colorado SL with 8sp STI was the sickest machine in the county. When these guys went to the front you would look behind you to find a battle buddy.

Question: Who are these fellows?

Answer: LeMond and Shapleigh

Highlander with the correct answer and a custom SW ball cap!

Hint: They both raced against a clean Armstrong, one of them had a thing for Swiss made childrens clothes and the other one worked his way up to the top of a major cycling company from the ground floor.


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    1. I think I remember seeing a picture of that red rain cape over a 98.5 KOME jersey in front of the Half Moon bay 7 Eleven?