Tuesday, September 18, 2012

give me the LeMond & she'll take the Dorothy Hamill

I remember as a teenager going to the barber and trying to describe my desired hair cut - short on the sides and fade the top please. You know - give me the Greg LeMond man! The one that looks like I am suffering up some European mountain top yet relaxed enough to appear stylish.  My sisters had it easy, all they had to do was mention the house hold name Dorthy Hamill and their cut was on. My buddies and I all sported the LeMond after all it was the only cut you could possibly get a way with while wearing a colnago head band for your freshman yearbook photo.

the original "LeMond cut"

aka the "Mottet"

aka the "JF Bernard"

aka the "Alcala"

aka the "Kelly"

aka the "Delgado"

aka the "freshman roadie"

The Dorothy Hamill

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