Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Steel WÜl Trivia - california cycling icons

What cycling business operated out of the top floor of this building?

Velo Promo

Robert 'Bob' Leibold & Norm Gall founded Velo Promo in 1978. Leibold went on to run the company after Norm's departure and during the 80's they operated out of the building in the photo. Velo Promo has been a main stay in the California racing scene for almost 4 decades. Bob has seen countless junior racers go on into the professional ranks who grew up doing his races for example, Chad Gerlach, Chris McGovern, Justin Morgan, Mike Sayers, Adam Speigh, LeMond, Damon Kluck, Daryl Price, ect....

Kev McGill would drive us to the Velo Promo building to hand register for our races every Friday after school during the racing season. We would forge our parents signatures every time!

A few years ago I showed up in the morning to register for the California Firefighter Olympics road race in Livermore and Bob blew my cover and announced to the field of Firemen that I had been doing his USCF races for years and that they should mark me in the race. Thanks Bob.

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