Thursday, April 19, 2012

BMC - Swiss for one size fits all - or does it?

One look at Ballan's Roubaix bike and all I could think of was this:

BMC - How tall are you Alessandro?

Alessandro Ballan - 6' 3"

BMC - Cool, we have a 54cm for you in stock

Allesandro - I don't know, I usually ride a 59 top tube

BMC - No its OK, we chronically underside everyone these days, you will see

Allesandro - OK, but my wingspan is 6'5" though

BMC - Yea that's what we figured, so we ordered a 16cm stem for you just for Roubaix

Allesandro - What if the funky steering makes me overshoot a turn late in the race?

BMC - Let us worry about that, you just keep selling those 54's and 56's for us

Allesandro - OK, but when I was on Lampre and won the World Road Race I was on a 58

BMC - Lampre is not paying your salary at the moment

Allesandro - True that paisano, just try not to make it look like this is my first rodeo because it looks like you are doing everything known to man to separate my saddle and bars.

It is not just a coincidence that his saddle is slammed all the way back. That was as close as it was going to get.

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