Monday, February 20, 2012

Steel Wül Trivia - "checking the pine tar"

Who was the first Junior male to cross the finish line at the 1995 US National Cyclocross Championships?

Damon Kluck

Monty Worthington of Worthington Cycles posted the correct answer.

For the record:

Damon won the race by a large margin and just like George Brett he had an official take his weapon of choice only to charge him with using an "illegal" gear ratio for a junior rider. At the time, a junior could only pedal a gear that had a 94" roll out or less. The irony of the situation was that this only would have been an advantage on a open road downhill sprint. In reality he was probably at a disadvantage given the fact that it was snowing in Mass that year and they basically ran with their bikes. Knowing Damon he probably just shrugged his shoulders and moved on. Realizing that this was a ridicules rule the USCF abolished it later that year and never granted Damon his National Title. The awards ceremony must have been a little anticlimactic for Tim Johnson however, he has made up for it with at least a half a dozen National Titles since then.


  1. Negative! Tim was the second Junior to cross the finish line that year.

  2. Trick Question: Damon Kluck - I seem to remember that he got relegated due to failed Junior Gear Roll Out (by like a whisker)...