Friday, February 24, 2012

Steel Wül Math - Italian wool - $13.47 Chinese wool - $180.00

I have been looking for a pair of wool knickers for quite a while and I am delighted to say that the 13 dollar and 47 cent Italian military knickers that showed up today are amazing! They are 100% wool, double lined in the seat, and have four deep pockets. It was worth skipping out on a couple cups of coffee and a pastry to pay for them. There are a couple of cycling companies out there that offer similar versions (one version made in China) for $180.

A work buddy turned me on to the Sportsman's Guide for great wool products. He knows a thing or two about the elements considering he is a 29 year veteran CDF Fire Captain who runs Inmate Fire Fighters in Lassen County.

Check out Sportsman's Guide for wool t-shirts, sweaters and pants. The majority of the wool items are from western Europe military surplus. Did I mention they are brand new and perfect for commuting, hiking, gardening, walking, lounging, camping, tennis, soccer, tide pooling, yoga, tandem riding, climbing, BBQing, chicken coupe cleaning, frisbee, blackberry hunting, graffiti removal, and Blogging. Make sure to get a pair before Grant Peterson finds out about them as he would thoroughly enjoy them on a S24 hour-over-nighter on top of Mt. Diablo (summer or winter).

Steel Wül math problem #1.

If you had 180 dollars to spend on a pair of wool knickers and the knickers cost 13 dollars and 47 cents how many bags of chicken feed (20lbs bag) could you buy at 8 dollars a bag with the money left over?

Steel Wül math problem #2
If for some bizarre reason you were thinking about spending 180 dollars on a pair of Chinese knickers that cost 180 dollars, how many empty bags of chicken feed could you purchase with the money left over?