Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travis Rieber to Travis Wüleur - we have a winner!

Lets hope he went straight to Verve to celebrate and buy a couple rounds for who ever took that pic. Travis must have been a Soquel Knight at some point considering the fact that he found it within a couple of days of the post or he used his connections at the county (off duty of course) to cross reference the photos to the county GIS database. Either way, good work!

For the record: the Garden was the Main Street Garden Cafe (great spot to end a ride) and the family who once was lost was the Bargetto family. Seven years ago four of the Bargetto's set off for a hike in the Sierra from Courtright Reservoir to Rae Lake and ended up missing for 4 days. They had to ride out a strong storm on a side of a cliff. They were rescued and made it home without incident. Micheal Bargetto became a Firefighter with Cal-Fire shortly after.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall,.... is it true that I have a SW discount approved by Wade Hall?

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