Monday, May 30, 2011

Steel Wül workshop

I have been logging some hours on the old trusty Bernette Sewing Machine. I took it in to the shop for repairs and the technician took one look at it and said, "whats wrong with your Bernette!"? I told him it was simply operator error and that a quick lesson would be much appreciated. He showed me how to do some basic maintenance and little did I know this machine has more stainless steel and Ti parts than a record groupo. He told me that he would buy this Swiss machine from me if I were ever to sell it. It was given to me by my sisters and mom who gave up on it after it was randomly launching needles at them. I will never forget the sight of them sewing with sunglasses on for eye protection. It works like a dream at the moment and we have been stamping out some SW ride wallets and musette bags. Mike Moore was selected to do some R&D on the first I-Phone road pocket (designed specifically for an I-phone & jersey pocket).

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