Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia for 100 please!


What cyclist was contacted the night before the opening stage of the TdF and told he was needed to replace an injured cyclist? Note: he had to drive 600+ miles to get there and was wasted from a race earlier that day.


Nathan Dahlberg

Congrats to Mr. Wilson for posting the correct answer! He must have a family member who knows her TdF?!

Bonus Trivia:

Nathan did not have a telephone in his flat in Belgium, so Mike Neel (7-11) had to call a buddy who lived in the region to knock on the door and pitch the idea to the Kiwi. It did not take much convincing as he started to eat right there on the spot. The last time I saw Dahlberg was at the 1992 Tour of Nevada City Classic and after our race Jim Gentes took myself, Nathan, Herbert Neiderberger, Chad Gerlach, and my dad out to dinner. That was the year that Alexi Grewall (Coors Light) and Wayne Morgan (Wheelsmith) lapped the field twice.