Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steel Wüleur Profile #3 - Apple

Full Name: Christopher Lawrence Appleton
Freelance Graphic Designer (ImageTribe /
Isaac Impulse / Campy Record / 60cm (in need of some ferrous metal thing too!)
Strengths: Climbing & tempo
Other Interests: Surfing, skiing. backpacking, design, coffee, beer, wine, food, humor, comradery, space, solitude, and so on

- What got you into cycling?

Apple- Lets see,...good question, I started in the 90's with mt biking and then ended up cruising the local shops to check out some road machines and then I heard Phil Ligget's voice and the rest is history. 1st road bike was a 57cm Nishiki - yikes! 1st time I rode to the the top of Hwy 9 out of Saratoga I was hooked. No seriously, I found myself enjoying the gear and romance of it all. When I get interested in something I become a student of that discipline and strive to be as sound at it as I can be - within reason.

SWCC- Word on the street is that you played Division- 1 Water Polo for UOP. Is that true?

Apple- Yes it is! I started playing polo the summer before high school. A good friend of mine and his brother got me into it. I was a natural at it evidently and being 6' 4" I have a wingspan of an albatross. Was All-American and stuff. It was my life during the school years and I have many fond memories of those days. Great sport. Go Luke!

SWCC- What is your favorite local ride?

Apple - Hands down, The Pescadero Boogie! It captures our area like no other ride and is the most fulfilling loop you can do - assuming you have a prevailing tailwind on the return home on Route 1. There is something really special about it. Everything else is just 2nd fiddle - not that epic rides are endless in these parts. Its the best a sandwich could ever taste.

SWCC- How many Grenier Yosemite rides have you done?

Apple- 3 Gren Yosemite rides and I feel privileged and honored to be part of that ride. It is a celebration ride with friends and the state we live in. Just gotta stomach the frothing tourists in the valley post ride. I left my heart in Hornitos...

SWCC- You are one of the smoothest pedalers, is that something that you work on regularly?

Apple- Of course. Everything that I do in sport I want to be good at and have good technique and style. I have definitely worked at it. Who wants to be a hack? Study how the best do it and emulate has always been my approach. Thanks for the compliment.

SWCC- If you could travel anywhere to do some cycling where would you go and why?

Apple- Italy! Because we are going to go. It is the motherland of cycling. I think it's a must for any cycling enthusiast. Beyond that.....I would love to go back to Belgium because, well, it's Belgium - the other motherland - I'm coming back Lionel! The only drive to go to France is to ride the monuments, not so much for culture. Zee french. Zee don't like zee stinking American. Honestly though, you can't really call yourself a "cyclist" until you've ridden in the bosom - Europe.

SWCC- What is your roll with the Steel Wül Cycling Club?

Apple- Ahh,....anything that involves the Steel Wül look and feel (a natural fit due to my design background - plug for ImageTribe!) - basically help create the overall branding of Steel Wül and be a second voice for ideas we have. I feel really privileged to be a part of the organic evolution of what we are creating here. I think we're onto something. Oh yeah, pedal circles too.

SWCC- Describe a perfect day for Chris Appleton.

Apple- Waking up in some villa in the Italian country side with a group of friends - pedaling our bikes through beautiful Italy - then experience a home cooked meal for 5 hours and do it again the next day. Locally, I would say surfing and riding in the same day is also pretty cool. Balance is a good thing. Honestly, right now - a day with minimal stress is all I ask for. The above - icing my friend - Let's plan.

SWCC- Bonus question by Olive Hess - What is your favorite animal Apple?

Apple- A Dolphin! They seem like the happiest animals on earth and they are always smiling. Take Flipper for example, he seems to enjoy himself. Being a bird of prey would be pretty bitchin' though.

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