Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Calleti's 'Winter Wonderland'

Awesome fun!
Cory and I have been up to Big Basin a couple times lately. Last week
on the road bikes, we re-traced the Steel Wul epic as far as China
Grade. It was fun to see the SW markings on the pavement going up Lodge
Road. Park HQ was a ghost town (Wed.), so it got me thinking, now's the
time to get on the trails! Our ride that day continued up N. Escape,
onto 236 to 9. That top section of descending 236 to 9 is crazy fun, it
had been a while and I had forgotten how good that is. Then back down 9
and the alternates into town.

Thanksgiving Jeff B. took us on a killer ride back into Big Basin. We
all were on cross bikes, took Pipeline, across and onto W Zayante, then
an alternate to Quail Hollow. From W. Zayante we made a Left and
climbed up Moon Meadow, go over a chain across the road, onto a new
road, then a right at the stop sign, climb, descend and we're back at
that corner where we all blew through 2 stop signs and the cop passed
us to ticket a truck! On up 9, 236, and at the golf course Left, up
through the neighborhood a bit then climbed up a road that
disintegrated into dirt for a ways, top out, down Little Basin to 236,
into the park - C O L D !!

Now the really sweet stuff > Gazos creek for a ways, a left somewhere,
stop at a sunny spot where the trees get small, left again, left onto a
fantastic singletrack, across some sandstone, back into the woods and
along an amazing little creek to the waterfall. Some hikers gave us
dark chocolate!! Onto the fire road out to the coast. .... Umm... it's
1:30 PM, we're still in Basin and we've got people coming over for
Thanksgiving at 4 PM!!?... Hwy 1 was warmer and clear, slight tail wind
for a while, and we got home at 3:10. Epic! Can't wait to do it again.

John Caletti

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