Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Jake, have you ever ridden aluminum?"

I had the pleasure to pedal some of the finest heat treated aluminum ever made.This 56 x 56 Klein quantum was hand picked from the bathroom rafters by George Slough himself at the Race Street shop in San Jose. George had a 55 and let me take it home to Santa Cruz to pedal for a week to see if I would like the feel of a rocket ship with an SR aluminum fork.

                                             photo by papa Bill

Rob Parsons, Klein quantum, Puma tennies, Ten Speed Drive, KOME and I in Bloomington Indiana National Road Race Brown County State Park.


  1. crazy! I was just talking about his shop, in the context of "crazy shops in weird places like office buildings" .... visited it in the 90's but wasnt sure it was still realizes its just blocks from my sisters current place

  2. When Olive had a vball tournament in SJ this year, I called him to see if he was still there and if I could swing by for a visit and he was still rocking the race street shop!