Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The plague that makes your booty move...

With the storm easing off the gas for a moment, I caught a south-east cross wind to the Indian Valley for some solo open road therapy. Hitch-hiking and bumming water at the fire house are never out of my repertoire when committed to 'The San Benito'. Thank you county roads, thank you Paul the rancher, thank you John Caletti for the reliable welds and thank you Governor Brown. Infectious Grooves 'Therapy' was running through my mind along Peach Tree. I could hear Ozzie Osbourne's voice whipping through the rolling hills.

Hare Canyon to Indian Valley via Bradley

Indian Valley to Peach Tree via the condemned CDF conservation camp

Peach Tree North 

Peach Tree looking west

Lonoak west to King City

I think I still have my mixed tape that Jay Eppenbach and Nate Evans (RIP) gave me with a few Infectious Grooves tunes.

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