Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hey Jake, I have something for you...

Sounds great, I'll be super jazzed as long as it's a medium, blue, Italian world championship, wool Santini jersey just like the one Felice Gimondi wore when he won the worlds the day I was born. You know, the one that the ladies use to sew the race numbers to, fits so perfectly it feels tailor-made, soft as cashmere and straight from the motherland.

Yessiree! That one!

I rushed home to don this

pedal this

up this

I do believe that was a seated sprint with big Eddy in the wake of one very pinner Italian

For the record:
the Montjuic coarse in Barcelona was the last day Lance raced as an amateur in 1992. I had an opportunity to represent the US at the World Police and Fire Games on the Monjuic coarse in 2003. All I remember was the insane crowds cheering and the LA County Fire guys handing me up water.

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