Monday, November 21, 2016

"Dad, does that mean I can do that next year...?"

Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara via Coast Road 1988

  Jake & Matt after my 8th grade graduation (Coastal Sportive kit by Hugh Forest)

Soberanes Point with Rudy Projects, MB1, & Asic Gels

 somewhere between here, there and yonder

sunset at Kirk Creek 28 years ago

somewhere outside of Hearst Castle

For the record: it's my daughters 13th birthday today and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the thought of letting her and a friend pedal to Santa Barbara next year by themselves (with no cell or map). After some great family dialog and comparing and contrasting different options (she'd rather go to Paris), we agreed that since she like me at 14 does not have (need) a cell phone and the fact that she's big enough to kick the crap out of most knuckleheads that a trip is in order (with mom in tow). I believe the artisanal millennials call this "bike packing" or will always be cycle touring to me regardless as to where the fancy bags are placed, what surface you're pedaling on, how many tattoos you have or how expensive your coffee is. Go out and enjoy some touring even if  you're using running shoes.

AC, Matt Mendes and Kev Mcgill took me to the Catalyst after our touring trip to see Fishbone for the first time and Angelo climbed up into the rafters after the lights went out and launched down just missing me...


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