Sunday, November 27, 2016

Here today, gone today...

Every November we are issued a new Smokey Bear pocket calendar to log incident numbers and other pertinent travel information while traversing our beautiful state chasing fires. Olive and I have enjoyed thumbing through them over the years and I realized this evening that I'm on my 4th "Commander-in-Chief" with this career. With 6 more calendars (2 more presidents...) to go, I plan to close this chapter out. My point is that 21 years have ticked by so quickly that 4 seem minor in the big picture. Don't let them go by as a dress rehearsal because this is for realsies. Get out there and enjoy every moment, because the moments are going to happen anyway - I have 21 calendars to remind me of that.

21 and counting...


cold air immersion therapy with Kev McGill & Mike Martin

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