Saturday, May 28, 2016

Inspiration...the old fashion way

A friend of ours (Peter Flanders) connected with us today without the use of a fancy-pants phone or computer -he visited in person. It was so refreshing to catch up with a friend face-to-face in the Steel  Wul Lounge. We chatted about the dangers of cars, planned obsolescence within the cycling industry, the disk brake phenomenon, and what it means to be a "cyclist" now a days. He gave me a copy of 'The Ride Journal'. This is an eclectic mix of short stories and essays related to cycling. The artwork and photos are absolutely gorgeous. I happen to flip right to an article by Jeremy Powers appropriately named 'Cross J'. Powers described his adaptation from multiple cycling disciplines to cycle cross. He determined he needs to think of himself as an ultimate fighter versus a stage racer. I became inspired and appreciated his transformation and focus as he adapted to his new challenges.

Thank you Peter!

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