Saturday, December 5, 2015

Patching Tubes - What would Jobst say?

I became a believer of patching tubes decades ago after pushing my blue and yellow lugged Fuji down Highland Drive for a couple of miles after a botched puncture repair on my final tube. My "enlightenment"(verbal evisceration) was inspired by a 6' 6" surly dude on a yellow Peter Johnson with fastback stays drinking a liter of coca cola. Let's just say he was not impressed that I was pedaling alone without a patch kit. I had run into Jobst Brandt on mountain roads over the years but never had the guts to chat him up because I knew he adhered to the -don't speak unless spoken to policy. Luckily I was schooled by Andrew Carroll in the art of tube patching while watching Breaking Away in his bike shrine on McDonald Road during the 80's. I felt confident that Jobst would give our technique a thumbs up. The only criticism I received was for taking too long to let the glue dry - give me a break I was using Jobst Brandt's personal glue stash, it was like asking to barrow Charlie Hunter's guitar so you can poach a couple of strings off of it. 

Finally got around to these beauties tonight
RIP Jobst

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