Thursday, March 6, 2014

Allan Peiper & Kelly Slater practice you?

Gabriel Benjamin pre-ride

Yoga for Cyclists and Athletes! Saturday, March 8th 2 to 4 Divinatree Yoga.
An excellent program designed to assist with recovery and relaxation for the athletes body and mind. Our postures will address the needs of the legs and full range of motion of the hips with some gentle toning exercises for the spine and the core. Weather a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or non athlete that just wants to come stretch this program will leave you empowered and elated. 

Gabriel Benjamin is a long time cyclist, yogi, nature lover, and poet. He teaches workshops and retreats internationally and takes his bike with him were ever he goes to enjoy cycling and sight seeing around the world~ 

$25 Prereged by march 2 $30 after

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