Thursday, January 30, 2014

Steel WÜl Trivia - 50.191 KM

Question: Who is this road, track, cross, mtb racer?

Answer: Colby Pierce

For the record: Colby held the American hour record at 50.191 KM until Norm Alvis crushed it with a 51.505 KM. Colby was on a Lotus Super Bike, I pedaled Jim's Lotus TT bike from his house in Soquel to Aptos decades ago and I can see how one can easily ramp those up to 31 mph without trying, holding on for an hour is a completely different story. Colby was the original pocket rocket. Kluck and I discovered the difference between 28.0 MPH and 29.5 MPH at the National TT... 30 other guys going 28.5 MPH and Mary Holden going 29.0 MPH. 


  1. This is would be Colby Pearce.

  2. Looks like anonymous is getting good again with google...yes this is Colby