Friday, January 10, 2014

New Leaf kitchen brought to you by New Road Kit...

Now that I have my winter Giro New Road kit dialed in, I'm always looking for excuses to pedal to New Leaf and chat with Mt Larry while I peruse the bulk bins for something interesting . Unfortunately, I recently discovered the Fly Shop across the street and often end up dropping a few quarters on a couple Sparkle Duns, Royal Wulffs, Zonkers, Black Ghosts, and Dahlberg Divers. AC and I figure that we have at least 3 more years of random fly purchasing before we're accepted by the owner. It's reminiscent of walking into the Spokesman when it was on Cedar St. and wishing that Tom Sullivan or Kelly Robertson would remember your name after purchasing your 3rd pair of Alfredo Binda toe straps and Velox bar end plugs. 

Royal Wulff

Sparkle Dunn

For the record: Wouldn't the Doug E. Doppler be a great name for a Steel-head fly.  

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