Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bringing in the big guns...

I was listening to the Pig yesterday on my way home lamenting the fact that it no longer rains in California and I happened to catch the end of 'Sleepy Maggie' with Ashley MacIsaac lighting it up on the fiddle. Moments later, I saw my Irish buddy in his black and white patrolling the crime ridden streets of Capitola. Then I pulled into my driveway and spied Fitzpatrick next door rocking a set of rollers (could it be wishful thinking?... having to pedal indoors again). This impromptu Irish fest culminated with a phone call from Kevin Michael McGillicuddy from the Pacific Northwest and that's when I knew this was more than just happenstance, this was a sign from a Celtic deity possibly Icovellauna the Goddess of water delivering her message, 'rain drops are given, when rollers are ridden'.

enjoy this boogie from Ashley MacIsaac with Mary Jane LaMond vocals

For the record:
I held up my end of the deal and logged an hour (give or take 30 mins) listening to the Chieftains on vinyl.

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