Monday, June 3, 2013

Corisca in 26 months, can you hear me now?

Steel WÜl pulled off a recon mission to Corsica to inspect the first three stages of the 2013 TdF. I hope those sprinters have been doing their climbing homework because the stage that cuts through Corte is going to split the field like a Corsican knife through wild boar sausage. Here is how we did it:

Step 1 - cultivate a disliking for AT&T
Step 2 - realize that AT&T will survive without your $125 per month 
Step 3 - pick your jaw up off the floor after you realize that 125 x 12 = $1500
Step 4 - discover that Air France will get you to Corsica for $1100 from SFO
Step 5 - complete the math equation: no cell phone bill + 26 months = 3 tickets to Corsica
Step 6 - find a large glass jar to collect monies (preferably a Martinelli cider jar)
Step 7 - live 26 months...stress free sans cell phones
Step 8 - be willing to sleep in a 350 year old stone cabin with an outdoor kitchen and shower
Bonus Step - provide emergency medicine to an unconscious passenger in seat 44B at 36,000' above Reykjavik Iceland and receive one extra cup of orange juice, a free headset, and two small packages of "cakes". Oh yea...and two complimentary round trip tickets on Air France. 

view from cottage

below cottage




Spelunca Bridge

Stage 3 of the TdF

6000 year old Megaliths

Corsican boar sausage

For the record: Greg Shapleigh's former Corsican teammate was correct - Corsica does have better roads, mountains, climate, beaches, food, mountaineering, cycling, and scenery. We will return in 26 months to entertain this idea- GR20 .

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