Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Normally I don't engage, but today was different...

I did what any road cyclist would do after being floored by the infamous Santa Cruz Rhino Virus for the last few weeks - I chipped out a solo ride in the mountains, found two new roads, pedaled to my daughters latest playlist and had a heart to heart with a "gentleman" from the San Lorenzo Valley after he thoughtfully offered up the 'f' word (three letter word ending in ag). 99% of the time, I simply let those knuckle heads do their thing and then I call them in as a potential drunk driver (I have a really good sense of smell). However, this time was a little different - I think it had to do with the fact that we kept passing each other in heavy traffic due to road construction on hwy 9. Those of you that pedal with me know that I try to avoid hwy 9 at all costs (this new road was just too good though).

I tried to put myself in his shoes as I slowly approached his vehicle in bumper to bumper traffic in the bike lane. I took my sun glasses off so we could make some uncomfortable eye contact as we waited for the pilot car to turn around. It truly is awkward for the yeller and the yellee (not as much) when these situations arise. The funny thing about being on a bike is that you can maneuver in and out of traffic much easier than a maroon Honda accord can especially when cars are inches from your front and rear bumper. The vehicle on his rear bumper...wait for it...a CHP. The officer who happens to know me very well, was kind enough to let me lean against his vehicle as we slowly crept along. We did the obligatory finger pointing and chuckling. Traffic started to flow, so I rolled up to the Honda and simply said, "its because of my European under-jersey right?".

For the record:
I only rocked my Craft under-jersey to dinner once on a bet with Joe Pettinger.


  1. haha - i would have loved to be there for that!

  2. Thanks Hess, I found my moment of fame.

    Joe Pettinger