Monday, March 25, 2013

Alexi...It wasn't my idea, but you have to admit... I will come clean and admit to a prank that I was in on involving Alexi Grewal twenty two years ago. Let me set the stage for you.  I was seventeen and flanked by Justin Morgan, Chris Bauman, Simone Giachino, Tyler Kettenberg, Hans Bielat, Adam Riemer, and Chad Gerlach (enough said). We were in Wyoming for the 91' Casper Classic. I believe it all started with Justin launching bottle rockets out of the hotel window into the parking lot after the prologue.

Alexi tested positive prior to Casper and blamed it on a twelve pack of poppy seed muffins he ate before a race. We were in the same hotel as Coors Light and after a couple of stages we noted that Alexi happened to be staying on our floor. Word had spread through the peloton regarding Alex's affinity towards poppy seed muffins.

Our tomfoolery started off with some old fashion door bell ditching where we would leave him a twelve  pack of mini poppy seed muffins. The elevator rides started to get a little nerve racking as I was pretty sure he suspected the California juniors. At this point, his defense was common knowledge in the cycling world. Like clockwork, the muffins would show up everyday at his hotel room door. After a while we were leaving poppy seed muffins in the elevator, front lobby, stairwell, and ashtrays.

Alexi had a unique view of bicycle racing. He once said the only reason he races is that it is so damn easy. His 84' Olympic gold medal is still the greatest finish in cycling history regardless as to what he was on.

For the record:
The last time I saw Alexi was in 94' after the Mike Nields Memorial Stage Race in Colorado. We were out training in Ward and a skeleton of a man flew out of a dusty trail-head on a lugged Serrota onto the road in front of us. He took one look back and dropped us immediately.

Casper Classic


birds-eye view of Wayne Morgan grabbing a $1000 crowd prime

Simone, Justin, Jake, & Chris

Alexi the tactician & Bauer
LA games 84'

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