Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Living vicariously through Sir Silky's solo boogies...

Hi Jaker,

Heard you ran into the fam @ Penny Ice - they had a great time hanging with you and yours.

Just back from Palm Springs; on the way home, took the usual detour to spend some time with my sister in Santa Monica. Easy pedal on day one up PCH then a ravioli on Topanga Canyon. I knew what to expect on day two; North on PCH, ravioli on Las Flores Canyon, ravioli on Rambla Pacifico to the saddle; a Brutale with pepper jack cheese and a side of jalapenos. I chewed on the big cookie for nearly the whole of the 3 mile crux; visions of Tyson's 28t cog teased as sweat and snot co-mingled on my salt stained face. Sweet release on the heels of a rigorous week. Enjoy the snaps.

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