Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Original North Coast Boogie Brigade...

Thanks for sharing this important piece of Santa Cruz cycling history. We look forward to pedaling with you soon.

Hi Jake,
As I recall before there was Steel WÜl there was Coastal Sportive But before then there was the Davenport Whalers which was the first ride group in Santa Cruz meeting at Rodger Sands Bicycle Center. Here is a pic of the jerseys sewn by mechanic Chris Tacklin's girl friend.


For the record:

In the 1860’s, the town of Davenport was founded by Captain John Davenport, a whaler from the East coast. Davenport watched the whales pass close to shore and decided this was a good place to start a whaling business to capitalize on the great demand for lamp oil. Soon after he built a pier, a small town grew up around his lucrative business.
The Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company started operation in 1906.

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  1. Ah yes, the first SC cycling group I hooked up with. Met @ 7 AM, got to Davenport in ~15 minutes sometimes. Four sprints; Davenport, top of Swanton hill, Davenport, SC city limits. Cheers, =dg=