Thursday, January 10, 2013

Have tools will travel - Kev McGill

Steel WÜleur and winner of the 1991 Sweetwater Road Race Kev Mcgillicuddy makes things look down right fun while working on his latest remodel. Enjoy this time-lapse montage..

For the record:
I dropped out of the 1991 Sweetwater Road Race with a bad case of "dead legs" and as it turns out I was able to watch Kev easily sprint for the win only to be relegated to last place after a knucklehead Cat 2 cried foul siting a center line violation (probably a law student). Kev shrugged it off without issue and we learned that another USCF line Judge with a bad case of "common sense" quickly reinstated the win as a center line violation only works when someone else is in contention for the win. In other words, Kev kind of kicked your ass a little bit so deal with it my man. If my memory serves me correctly, Chad Gerlach and Chris Bowman had to bail their buddy out of jail that morning because the Nazi Nevada Highway Patrol automatically arrest you if you travel over 90 mph. They were passing around a hat collecting the bail money for their buddy. I am pretty sure Papa Bill contributed a 20 spot.

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  1. I believe your case of the dead legs was brought on by a visit to the OTC the month before. I had forgotten the part about someone getting arrested. I think Bill Hess also received a ticket and was not happy about it. I think the prize for winning was a power bar and inner tube. Maybe just an inner tube.